Sales Plans for Success

Connect next actions with required results


  • “Sales planning for success” means that we’ve taken time to understand what we’re seeking to achieve and how we’ll get there.
  • When we have clear sales plans, we can make accurate judgments about whether or not we are on track.
  • Clear and effective sales plans enable us to stop and celebrate when we’re successful, or to make changes (either to our plans or what we’re doing) if we don’t achieve our plans.


  • Working life is full of distractions. Without clear plans, it’s inevitable that we’ll lose focus and spend our time less effectively.
  • Too many sales people make the mistake of being busy but ineffective in terms of sales results.
  • Sales plans enable us to make the best decisions about how to spend every minute of our working day.


  • Define sales success –  What are you seeking to achieve?
  • Crunch your numbers – Connect the sales results you need over different timeframes. To achieve your sales target this year, quarter or month; what must you achieve this week, today, this hour?
  • Connect sales results with activity – What must you DO that will most likely lead to the sales results you need?
  • Stay focused – Now that you have your sales plan for success, don’t allow yourself to be distracted. This is easier to say than do!
  • Review your progress – Work out how you will remind yourself about your plan when you have the inevitable distractions. An alarm reminder on your phone at the end of every morning and every afternoon: “Am I on track to achieve my sales plan for success”?