• Evidence is the data, analysis and information that should underpin every 3CSelling conversation and proposal.
  • Evidence balances the necessary emotional engagement.
  • Together, evidence and emotion will enable customers to have the confidence to proceed.


  • Far too much selling is based merely on enthusiasm and hopes, both from buyers and especially from salespeople. By contrast, 3CSelling puts evidence at the heart of our compelling proposals.
  • The bigger the opportunity or sale, the more likely that somebody with a professional financial, legal or scientific background will need to see the evidence.
  • The more compelling the evidence, the more compelling will be our proposals.


  1. Every conversation – We should put the need for evidence from all stakeholders at the heart of every 3CSelling conversation.
  2. Seek evidence from customers – We can query significant assertions made by customers and seek evidence.
  3. One of the best questions is to ask how this particular evidence is changing over time; getting worse, better or staying the same? What does the data say?
  4. What evidence do we have? We need credible evidence to support every key claim about our products and services.
  5. ROI Evidence – We should seek always to present credible evidence to prove the ROI (Return on Investment) about the budgets that we are proposing.
  6. Need support for non-standard terms? If we need to convince colleagues about non-standard terms in our proposal, we need the supporting evidence.