It’s the end of April 2018. During this coming week we’ll be inviting team members from our current clients to join our brand new 3CSelling Academy. We’re really looking forward to receiving our first feedback on all that we’ve been preparing. Our goals are clear:

– Equip and Inspire people in sales and business development roles to lead significantly more valuable conversations, create compelling proposals and win more business.

– Efficient and Effective Learning as we blend the best online tools and automated processes with our 30+ years of face to face sales training experience.

– Sustained Coaching as we provide the resources for sales team leaders to underpin their pivotal role of coaching and support for their team members.

We’ve concluded that it’s best to make a limited number of early resources available initially and to get feedback on our approach. This way, we’re more confident that our Academy will develop most effectively as we listen to suggestions from our early members. Although there are aren’t many courses, we’ve prepared lots of ways of having conversations! If you have any observations about any aspect of what we’re doing, it will be great to hear from you.

To start a conversation with us directly, click on the blue chat button at the bottom of your screen. To read or join our discussions visit our discussion forum

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Thanks for your interest. (And we’d love to hear you comments…!)