3CSelling has been developed by Real World Strategy Limited. We’re a small UK team with a big vision.

Our VISION is to stop sales people talking about their products and services.

And with over 30 years of experience as a sales training company, we know that this is hard!

Our MISSION is to equip and inspire people in sales and business development roles to lead conversations that create more value and win more sales.

  • Not everybody is comfortable with the word “selling”.
  • Many people perceive selling as inevitably selfish, perhaps as a result of some bad experiences. It doesn’t help that popular culture reinforces poor selling stereotypes.
  • By contrast, we’re big fans of selling!
  • Whether you call it selling, business development, or something else, we all need customers.
  • But the way that we sell is crucial.
  • It’s why values are so important.

Our VALUES are focused on how selling should be undertaken; with integrity, rigour, curiosity, humility, resilience, courage and generosity. Always learning.

How do we make things happen?

To achieve our vision and mission we are currently developing the 3CSelling Academy to deliver Online Training that is available fast, whenever or wherever 3CSelling training is needed.

Highly Interactive Workshops

  • Both online and onsite
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Make the best use of time
  • Enjoy the experience
  • Schedule coaching sessions yourself at convenient times
  • Share key documents and notes
  • Agree plans and next actions
  • Automated reminders
  • Track key metrics
  • Red, Amber, Green dashboards
  • 3CSelling discussions forum to ask questions, share experience and receive support
  • Public areas of discussion available to everybody
  • 3CSelling Academy forum area restricted to members
  • Private and secure areas for 3CSelling client teams

Action Learning Feedback

  • After every learning event we ask for feedback and agreed next actions
  • Automated reminders help to change habits
  • Clear evidence emerges of change and impact on sales

Focus & Review

Paired emails each week

  • Focus at the start of each week
  • Review at end of week
  • Changing habits is hard
  • We will help you with sustained support
  • Action Learning Feedback invitation at the end of the week to capture experience

Need to win more sales?

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